2022 Gubernatorial Elections


Thirty-six (36) states will hold elections to choose governors this cycle.

Click on a candidate's name to view issues they are campaigning on and the plans they propose to implement if elected.



Disclaimer: The information contained in the table below is subject to revision and will be updated throughout the election cycle. 

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State Current Party Control Primary Date Candidate
Texas Republican 3/1/2022 Governor Greg Abbott (R) (Inc.)
Texas Republican 3/1/2022 Former Congressman Beto O'Rourke (D)
Ohio Republican 5/3/2022 Governor Mike DeWine (R) (Inc.)
Ohio Republican 5/3/2022 Nan Whaley (D)
Nebraska (Open Seat) Republican 5/10/2022 State Senator Carol Blood (D)
Nebraska (Open Seat) Republican 5/10/2022 Jim Pillen (R)
Idaho Republican 5/17/2022 Governor Brad Little (R) (Inc.)
Idaho Republican 5/17/2022 Stephen Heidt (D)
Oregon (Open Seat) Democratic 5/17/2022 Former Speaker of the House Tina Kotek (D)
Oregon (Open Seat) Democratic 5/17/2022 Former State Representative Christine Drazan (R)
Oregon (Open Seat) Democratic 5/17/2022 Former State Senator Betsy Johnson (Unaffiliated)
Pennsylvania (Open Seat) Democratic 5/17/2022 Attorney General Josh Shapiro (D)
Pennsylvania (Open Seat) Democratic 5/17/2022 State Senator Douglas V. Mastriano (R)
Alabama Republican 5/24/2022 Governor Kay Ivey (R) (Inc.)
Alabama Republican 5/25/2022 (Runoff - 6/21/2022) Yolanda Flowers (D)
Georgia Republican 5/24/2022 Governor Brian Kemp (R) (Inc.)
Georgia Republican 5/24/2022 Former State Representative Stacey Abrams (D)
Arkansas (Open Seat) Republican 5/24/2022 Chris Jones (D)
Arkansas (Open Seat) Republican 5/24/2022 Sarah Huckabee Sanders (R)
California Democratic 6/7/2022 Governor Gavin Newsom (D) (Inc.)
California Democratic 6/7/2022 State Senator Brian Dahle (R)
Iowa Republican 6/7/2022 Governor Kim Reynolds (R) (Inc.)
Iowa Republican 6/7/2022 Deidre DeJear (D)
New Mexico Democratic 6/7/2022 Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) (Inc.)
New Mexico Democratic 6/7/2022 Mark V. Ronchetti (R)
South Dakota Republican 6/7/2022 Governor Kristi Noem (R) (Inc.)
South Dakota Republican 6/7/2022 State Representative Jamie Smith (D)
Maine Democratic 6/14/2022 Governor Janet Mills (D) (Inc.)
Maine Democratic 6/14/2022 Former Governor Paul LePage (R)
Nevada Democratic 6/14/2022 Governor Steve Sisolak (D) (Inc.)
Nevada Democratic 6/14/2022 Sheriff Joe Lombardo (R)
South Carolina Republican 6/14/2022 Governor Henry McMaster (R) (Inc.)
South Carolina Republican 6/14/2022 Former Congressman Joe Cunningham (D)
Colorado Democratic 6/28/2022 Governor Jared Polis (D) (Inc.)
Colorado Democratic 6/28/2022 Heidi Ganahl (R)
Illinois Democratic 6/28/2022 Governor JB Pritzker (D) (Inc.)
Illinois Democratic 6/28/2022 State Senator Darren Bailey (R)
New York Democratic 6/28/2022 Governor Kathy C. Hochul (D) (Inc.)
New York Democratic 6/28/2022 Congressman Lee Zeldin (R)
Oklahoma Republican 6/28/2022 Governor Kevin Stitt (R) (Inc.)
Oklahoma Republican 6/28/2022 Joy Hofmeister (D)
Maryland (Open Seat) Republican 7/19/2022 State Representative Dan Cox (R)
Maryland (Open Seat) Republican 7/19/2022 Wes Moore (D)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Kari Lake (R)
Arizona (Open Seat) Republican 8/2/2022 Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (R)
Kansas Democratic 8/2/2022 Governor Laura Kelly (Inc.)
Kansas Democratic 8/2/2022 Attorney General Derek Schmidt
Michigan Democratic 8/2/2022 Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) (Inc.)
Michigan Democratic 8/2/2022 Tudor M. Dixon (R)
Tennessee Republican 8/4/2022 Governor Bill Lee (R) (Inc.)
Tennessee Republican 8/4/2022 Jason Brantley Martin (D)
Connecticut Democratic 8/9/2022 Governor Edward Lamont (D) (Inc.)
Connecticut Democratic 8/9/2022 Robert Stefanowski (R)
Minnesota Democratic 8/9/2022 Governor Tim Walz (D) (Inc.)
Minnesota Democratic 8/9/2022 Scott Jensen (R)
Vermont Republican 8/9/2022 Governor Phil Scott (R) (Inc.)
Vermont Republican 8/9/2022 Susan Hatch Davis (Progressive)
Vermont Republican 8/9/2022 Brenda Siegel (D)
Wisconsin Democratic 8/9/2022 Governor Tony Evers (D) (Inc.)
Wisconsin Democratic 8/9/2022 Tim Michels (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Lieutenant Governor Josh Green (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 State Representative Kai Kahele (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 David L. (Duke) Bourgoin (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Vicky Cayetano (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Richard Kim (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Clyde Mcclain (Mac) Lewman (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 David Ford (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 John Mungo (D)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Former Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 City Councilwoman Heidi Tsuneyoshi (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Jay Bitar (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Zachary B. Burd (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Gary Cordery (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Wendell A. Elento (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Harvey W. Eli (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 George Hawat (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Keline Kahau (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Lynn Barry Mariano (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Paul Morgan (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Sharie S. Ono (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Moses (Momo) Paskowitz (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Bj Penn (R)
Hawaii (Open Seat) Democratic 8/13/2022 Walter Woods (R)
Alaska Republican 8/16/2022 Governor Mike Dunleavy (R) (Inc.)
Alaska Republican 8/16/2022 David S. Haeg (R)
Alaska Republican 8/16/2022 State Representative Christopher Kurka (R)
Alaska Republican 8/16/2022 Charlie Pierce (R)
Alaska Republican 8/16/2022 Bruce Walden (R)
Alaska Republican 8/16/2022 Former State Representative Les Gara (D)
Alaska Republican 8/16/2022 Former Governor Bill Walker (Nonpartisan)
Wyoming Republican 8/16/2022 Governor Mark Gordon (R) (Inc.)
Wyoming Republican 8/16/2022 Brent Bien (R)
Wyoming Republican 8/16/2022 James Scott Quick (R)
Wyoming Republican 8/16/2022 Rex Rammell (R)
Wyoming Republican 8/16/2022 Theresa A. Livingston (D)
Wyoming Republican 8/16/2022 Rex Wilde (D)
Florida Republican 8/23/2022 Governor Ron DeSantis (R) (Inc.)
Florida Republican 8/23/2022 Former State Representative Charlie Crist (D)
Florida Republican 8/23/2022 Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried (D)
Florida Republican 8/23/2022 Cadance Daniel (D)
Florida Republican 8/23/2022 Robert L. Willis (D)
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Republican 9/6/2022 State Senator Sonia Rosa Chang-Díaz (D)
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Republican 9/6/2022 Attorney General Maura Healey (D)
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Republican 9/6/2022 Former State Representative Geoff Diehl (R)
Massachusetts (Open Seat) Republican 9/6/2022 Chris Doughty (R)
New Hampshire Republican 9/13/2022 Governor Chris Sununu (R) (Inc.)
New Hampshire Republican 9/13/2022 Julian M. Acciard (R)
New Hampshire Republican 9/13/2022 Jay Lewis Laconia (R)
New Hampshire Republican 9/13/2022 Richard A. McMenamon (R)
New Hampshire Republican 9/13/2022 Thaddeus P. Riley (R)
New Hampshire Republican 9/13/2022 Former City Councilor Karen Testerman (R)
New Hampshire Republican 9/13/2022 State Senator Tom Sherman (D)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Governor Daniel Mckee (D) (Inc.)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Secreatary of State Nellie Gorbea (D)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Former Secretary of State Matthew Brown (D)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Helena Buonanno Foulkes (D)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Luis Daniel Munoz (D)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Kalilu Camara (D)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Jonathan J Riccitelli (R)
Rhode Island Democratic 9/13/2022 Ashley Marie Kalus (R)