2022 Local Government Elections


Many of the country's most populated municipalities will hold regularly scheduled elections throughout 2021. 


Disclaimer: The information contained in the table below is subject to revision and will be updated throughout the election cycle. 

For additional information, including information on localities not listed, please contact Meghan Holihan

Municipality State Date Pre-Election Mayoral Partisan Affiliation Winner & Post-Election Mayoral Partison Affiliation
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 2/8/2022 Republican David Holt (R) (Inc.)
Milwaukee Wisconsin 4/5/2022 Non-Partisan Cavalier Johnson (Non-Partisan) (Inc.)
Lubbock Texas 5/7/2022 Republican Tray Payne (R)
Newark New Jersey 5/10/2022 Democratic Ras Baraka (D) (Inc.)
Charlotte North Carolina 7/26/2022 Democratic
Washington District of Columbia 11/8/2022 Democratic
Los Angeles California 11/8/2022 Democratic
Chandler Arizona 11/8/2022 Non-Partisan
Anaheim California 11/8/2022 Republican
Chula Vista California 11/8/2022 Democratic
Irvine California 11/8/2022 Democratic
Long Beach California 11/8/2022 Democratic
Oakland California 11/8/2022 Democratic
San Jose California 11/8/2022 Democratic
Santa Ana California 11/8/2022 Democratic
Lexington Kentucky 11/8/2022 Republican
Louisville Kentucky 11/8/2022 Republican
Henderson Nevada 11/8/2022 Democratic
North Las Vegas Nevada 11/8/2022 Republican
Reno Nevada 11/8/2022 Non-Partisan
Raleigh North Carolina 11/8/2022 Democratic
Greensboro North Carolina 11/8/2022 Democratic
Austin Texas 11/8/2022 Democratic
Corpus Christi Texas 11/8/2022 Non-Partisan
Laredo Texas 11/8/2022 Independent